EWU Graduate Students Present Research

The EWU Biology Department has many opportunities this spring to support our Biology Graduate Students and learn about their research! These presentations are open to all. Here is the current schedule:

Thursday, May 23rd:

Jade Clinkenbeard Prospectus: “An evaluation of aquatic plant and invertebrate communities in local wetland restoration projects,” at 3pm in SCI 247


Wednesday, May 29th:

Ethan Bean Prospectus: “Pseudoregneria Spicata: Selecting seed provenance for prairie restoration” at 12pm in SCI 244


Thursday, May 30th:

Abigail Keever Thesis Defense: “Sex-specific expressions and its effect on osteoclast differentiation” at 10am in SCI 247

Anwar Bushnaq Thesis Defense: “How Do Fine Sediments and Hangman Creek Discharge Affect Benthic Macroinvertabrates in the Spokane River?” at 3-5PM in SCI 243


Tuesday, June 4th:

Coty Jasper Thesis Defense: “Analyzing the Diet Composition of Lake Trout in Upper Priest Lake Idaho,” at 11am in SCI 247


Wednesday, June 5th:

Jared Lamm Thesis Defense: “Targeted Short-term Nutrient Reduction to Manage an Invasive Annual Grass: Soil and Plant Responses,” at 11am in PUB 321/323

Katie Johnson Prospectus: “Evolution of virulence after a host shift and serial passage of Drosophila C virus in Drosophila hosts,” at 2pm in SCI 243


Thursday, June 6th:

Marissa Medina Thesis Defense: “The effects of warming on carbon and microbial community dynamics in wetlands at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, Washington” at 1pm in SCI 247

Justin Donahue Thesis Defense: “High Resolution Modeling of Tick Density and Detection of Ricjettsia spp. in Dermacentor Ticks at Turnbull National Wildlife Refugeat 2:30 pm in SCI 280


Friday, June 7th:

Alexa Whipple Thesis Defense: “Riparian Resilience in the Face of Interacting Disturbances: Complex Interactions Between Wildfire, Erosion and Beaver (Castor canadensis) in Grazed Dryland Riparian Systems of Low Order Streams, North Central, WA” at 2pm in SCI 137

Lily Crytser Prospectus: “Measuring Variation in Body Morphology and Life History in Brook Stickleback in Eastern Washington,” 12pm in SCI 280.


Monday, June 10th:

Erik Peterson Prospectus: “Remnant Assessment and Soil Inoculation to Inform Large-scale Restoration at Eastern Washington University,” at 10am in SCI 244

Joseph Weirich Prospectus: “Beaver Moderated Fire Resilience in the North Cascades,” at 12pm in SCI 244.

Shelby Fettig Prospectus: “Effect of Nutrition on Honey Bee Gut Microbiome, Disease Occurrence, and Hive Growth,” at 3pm in SCI 247.


Tuesday, June 11th:

Philip Campos Prospectus: “Impact of Chytrid Fungus on the Skin Microbiome of Amphibians in Northern Idaho and Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA,” at 10am in SCI 247


Thursday, June 13th:

Veronica Albrecht Prospectus: “Characterizing the role of sRNA-cagI in Helicobacter pylori gene regulation” at 1pm in SCI 247

Sarah Hill Prospectus: “Advancing the Field of Prairie Restoration in the Inland NM: A Community Needs Assessment and Forb Establishment,” at 4pm in SCI 246.

Darren Ginder Thesis Defense: “Improving Dopamine Monitoring with NCAM and the effects of Intranasal Oxytocin on Dopamine Signaling in the Rat Brain,” at 2PM in SCI 247


Friday, June 14th:

Brandon Flatgard Prospectus “Analysis of Helicobacter pylori
sRNA-cagII and sRNA-cagIII and Identification of Genes it Regulates” at 1 pm in SCI 247


*DISCLAIMER: This Schedule is subject to change, so please check it regularly if you plan on attending a presentation.*

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